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Surfing 101   How To Bookmark   Add to Favorites - Make This Your Home Page

Getting To Where You Want To Go
On The Internet:  Surfing 101

These are very broad instructions, mainly concerning users of Internet Explorer®. However, very similar actions will produce much the same results with Netscape®, Opera® and Linx® browsers. As with all instructions... There's always more than one way to do anything and there are always exceptions to the rule.

For this exercise we will assume you already know the web address of the site you wish to visit.

All web addresses begin with: HTTP:// &nbspFollowed by WWW.  Then the web site's name:  98XFM  And ending with the domain extension  .com We'll not go into detail about the other domain extensions; other than to say the more common ones are .net, .org, .edu, .biz and .gov

You may place your cursor inside the Address Bar and either hit the backspace key, erasing only the previous site's name and domain extension, then typing in where you wish to go... Or, "Highlighting" the portion you are going to replace by typing the address (Copy and paste the address in... Hmmmm!). Then, there's the easy way.

Highlight the previous address > Type in the web site's Name ie:  98XFM > Then press the Control Key and HOLD it down, then press the Enter Key. The browser will insert the HTTP://www and the .com for you, and send you on your way. Sorry Netscape users... This works only on Internet Explorer and only for .com addresses.

If you do NOT know the web site's name and you happen to be on a page that offers a web search feature [see the graphic below]: Enter the name or something close to the name and the search engine will find the most relevant web site(s). Depending on the search engine, you will then be able to surf directly to the site or to a site that references the web site you have in mind. This can be a "Hit 'n Miss" affair if you do not know the exact name of the web site as the search engine relies on "key words" to accomplish the search.

When using the search engine, and assuming you've found the web site you were hunting for, and you plan on returning often... Bookmark or add the site to your "Favorites" folder. Save yourself a ton of time in the future.


"...I Shall Return"  Bookmark That Site!
The Quick Way Around The Web

All browsers have some provision for "Bookmarks". They may be called "Links" or "Bookmarks" depending on the browser. For Internet Explorer® users, if the "Links" bar is not visible. Do This: Place the cursor in a BLANK spot at the top of your browser... Say, to the right of the "History" button as shown in the graphic below. Right Click > Choose "Links" on the menu that appears.  The actual instructions for bookmarking are included in the graphic below.

Depending on how your browser's navigation bars are arranged, you may have to click on the tiny black arrows next to the "Links" notation to bring the list down. There's no limit to the number of bookmarks that can be place in the "Links" bar and they are listed in the order they were made. They are re-arrangeable... Different lesson.

Now that you've bookmarked the site, just click on the bookmark and you'll go directly to that page from ANYWHERE on the web. It is generally best if the HOME page of the web site is bookmarked instead of interior pages.


My Most Favorite Web Site...
98XFM.com Would Make A Great Home Page

Placing a web site's URL in your "Favorites" folder is just as simple as bookmarking the site; and accomplishes the same task. Keeping that URL handy for future use.

For those of you that do a great deal of web surfing to a variety of web sites, the "Favorites" folder may be customized... Categorized for easier navigation.

The instructions for adding a web site's URL to the "Favorites" folder are shown on the graphic below. You should note: When the URL is dragged into the "Favorites" folder, there will be a dialog box to further guide you in categorizing your favorite places on the web. Just follow the instructions.

To make a web site the first thing you see when you launch your browser, you'll have to make that web site your HOME page. The specific instructions are shown on the graphic below.

Here too, you'll get a dialog box... Wanting to know if that's really what you want to do? Sure!

Just think! 98xFM.com as your home page... No Pop-Up Ads, Hot Line Listings to keep you occupied for a bit and a great Links Page full of interesting pages to visit. And best of all... From anywhere on the web; Home is just a click away